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March 23, 2021
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December 31, 2021

Exciting developments: Launch of Shadow of the Son

Photograph by Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky

Hello! For a period of stillness in the world unlike any other, we have been very busy and productive. We have news!

The Spanish translation of Eye of the Moon (El ojo de la luna), was released October 22nd 2020 worldwide, with special emphasis in Colombia. Their largest bookstore chain requested 1,000 copies to be sold in all their stores, nationwide, three of which are in the main airports of the country. El ojo de la luna is also carried in independent bookstores. The book has been very well received, with much praise for the quality of the translation, faithful to the original.

Please see our bilingual author Instagram account @ivanobolenskyofficial.

Today we are releasing Ivan’s sequel to Eye of the Moon, Shadow of the Son. It starts where Eye of the Moon left off, with the same characters plus some additions. The reviews have been raving.

We are also working on the Eye of the Moon audiobook, which we hope to release early next year.

Ivan has started his next book in the Eye of the Moon series, called “Johnny and Percy” (working title).

As I said, we’ve been busy! And enjoying every bit, hoping you enjoy the results!

Happy reading!

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