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January 1, 2022
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June 11, 2022

My review of Eye of the Moon

Can the publisher and wife write a review of her husband’s novel? I found this hidden and private thought from 2018, and decided I can post it here!

In a few words, this novel has enriched my sense of humanity. I ran into my own unknown-before levels of prejudices, assumptions, arrogances and contempt.

It was a mirror into my darker self. Not comfortable and yet worth the journey to the other end: an understanding that it is not about black and white, it’s all the shades of gray. That’s where living happens.

I had to grow into a sense of love I had never experienced. I matured and transformed along with Percy and the other characters in the story. Alice is a master teacher on the subject of love. She showed me a kind of love I did not know existed. When we talk about increasing consciousness, working on our own demons to conquer them, all that blah-blah we have these days, it’s really about how someone like Alice lived, thought, acted, and felt, where life really happens. The real deal. Gritty, raw. It was extraordinary for me.

The author has a unique skill in getting us to commit to fast changes and abrupt developments, life in a micro environment, where we truly experience what relationships and true understanding are about. Not simple, not clean. A bit blurry at the edges, incomplete sometimes. Scary, dark, very profound.

My sense of respect and admiration for these characters grew as I was allowed into their world. I realized it really does pay to open oneself to others, as different as they may be to me, as foreign, as difficult to understand through filters and fixed past decisions about how things or people “really are”.

It forced me to be open. That was the best gift the novel gave me. Open to new understanding, to new ways of seeing life, living life.

And all the characters are now people I know so well. I admire them, I wish them well. Their existence continues in my mind. And they are part of my interior world. Their wisdom and insights are continually coming out in my everyday life. They have somehow become part of the fabric of my being.

It changed my life forever. And I notice the effect it has on others who read it. There is an openness, a change, an aliveness– something uplifting and inspiring took place that transformed us.

Now that is quite a gift!

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