Privacy Policy

Effective September 23rd, 2017

Updated May 25th, 2018


We do not do business with anyone in the EU directly (the Kindle version of Eye of the Moon is available internationally through Amazon and hardcover/paperback books are available via the Ingram Global Connect program). This privacy policy outlines what we collect, how we use it, and your choices.


What Information We Collect from You

MailChimp is used to collect information when people sign up for our newsletter. Review their privacy policy. Google Analytics is used to track traffic to the website, and bitly is occasionally used to shorten links for social media use.

If you connect with us via our social media, each platform has their own Privacy Policy: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube. We do not collect anything ourselves, or even make a record of Friends, Followers, etc., except to note numbers and other non-identifying information (such as the date of a surge in social media traffic, or a specific post that got a lot of Likes).

We have never, and will never, share, sell, or otherwise use in an unauthorized way, any personal or identifying information ourselves.


How We Use Your Information

If someone signs up for our MailChimp newsletter, the email, and, if provided, the first and last name, is stored with MailChimp. We use the email to send out a blog update and occasional special announcements. An unsubscribe link is included in every newsletter.


The Sharing of, Access of, and Editing of Your Information

If you have signed up for our newsletter, you may access your information any time by clicking on the “Update Your Preferences” link at the bottom of the newsletter, and you may edit your information.

We may make a backup CSV file of our subscriber’s information, but it goes into an electronic folder and stays there unless we have to restore the subscriber list; we would update this CSV every time there is an unsubscribe, so we would not contact you again after you unsubscribe.


Cookies and Other Technologies

Undoubtedly, Google and some—or possibly all— of the social media forums use cookies and other similar technologies. Please refer to their privacy policies for details.

We do not have any such technology built into our website, except the code used for Google Analytics, and the information gathered is stored in the Analytics account. Please see the Privacy Policy for WordPress.


Smith-Obolensky Media Shop

Our Shop page is connected to Shopify and it has its own Privacy Policy in the cart. Please review the privacy policies for PayPal or Amazon Pay if you choose to use those service providers.


How You Can Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mary Jo.