eBooks are not eligible for refund through our store. Some providers (such as have a refund policy (usually for 7 days), and purchase of eBooks through other venues will be available at time of launch, February 6th, 2018.
eBooks purchased through our store will be delivered via BookFunnel, and they have their own tech support to resolve any issues. If, for some reason, there is a difficulty accessing or reading the eBook after receiving tech support, let us know and we will determine an alternative that works for you.

Paperback and hardcover
All paperback and hardcover books purchased through our store for preorders will be shipped via IngramSpark, with tracking and insurance. If any book arrives damaged, please email us at shop [at] smithobolenskymedia [dot] com with the order number and a photo of the damage; we will forward the information on to IngramSpark and they will handle the claim and help process the return or exchange in accordance with their return/refund policies with UPS.

Currently, products are only eligible for refund/return or exchange if they are damaged during shipping or if they are damaged during printing. To file the claim, please email us with the order number and photo so we can facilitate the handling.

Some providers (such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble) will allow a return if you don’t like the book, or found it offensive, or accidentally ordered it, but we don’t have the structure for that during the preorder stage. Once the books become available through alternative providers, their return/refund policy will apply.

Expected time for refund to process
If your return results in a refund, we will offer you the choice of a gift card or a return to your credit/choice of payment. Returns to credit or debit cards may take up to 72 hours to show up in your bank. If four days pass and you still do not see the refund in your account, first check with the bank to make sure it isn’t being held on that end for some reason. Then, please contact us at shop [at] smithobolenskymedia [dot] com or call [818] [660] [6852] and we will do our best to resolve the issue. You will receive an email confirming the refund has been processed on our side. We use trustworthy processing such as Shopify, Amazon, Apple, and Paypal, and their refund process is streamlined.

Shipping estimated time
Shipping fees and delivery times are approximate, so there will be no compensation if a book arrives later than originally estimated. However, you will be provided with a tracking number and we will ship seven business days prior to launch so even if Ground takes six business days (the range for delivery is 1-6 business days), you should receive the book before February 6th. In the event a book is lost (which does occasionally happen) we will ship you a replacement for free (and, if possible, at expedited shipping).

Gift cards or certificates
Gift cards or certificates are non-refundable. But they also never expire, so if you have a gift card for our store but are not interested in any of the current products, we may have something else later that you would enjoy. Sign up to our blog for our announcements to hear about any new products.

Sale or discounted items
Anything offered at a discount or sale may not qualify for a refund or exchange (such as if we have a “buy one, get one free” and you want to return the purchased item, you would have to return both, or pay the initial price of the second “free” item). For specific conditions related to your sale or discounted item, please contact us at shop [at] smithobolenskymedia [dot] com.

If you gifted someone a book and they do not want it, or you marked a book as a gift and they received it undamaged but don’t actually want it, please contact us for return/refund options at shop [at] smithobolenskymedia [dot] com.

Wholesale or Special Order Return Policy
Based on the agreement made at the time of purchase, we accept returns. You will have a direct number to reach us and we will pay for the return shipping of any unused, damaged or returned stock.

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