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In a time between eras as old powers give way to the new, and in a land steeped in history and intrigue, five days at Rhinebeck will alter lives and legacies.


Eye of the Moon: Book 1

A Novel by Ivan Obolensky

Eye of the Moon is set in Rhinebeck, New York, in the 1970s, where Percy and Johnny attend an elegant anniversary celebration and a long weekend. They soon discover that nothing is what it seems when they investigate what really happened to Johnny’s aunt, Lady Alice, who died under mysterious circumstances twenty years prior, unintentionally bringing to light much more than they could have imagined, involving the enigmatic guests and staff at Rhinebeck. What will the cost of the truth be?

2018: Winner of “Best First Book (Fiction)” in the IndieReader Discovery Awards, Gold Medalist for "Fiction: Intrigue" in the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, Finalist in the “Paranormal” and “Best Cover Design (Fiction)” in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

2019: Silver/2nd Place in the "Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Horror" in the Feathered Quill Book Awards

“… Eye of the Moon by Ivan Obolensky is a thrillingly eerie mystery novel with a Gothic ambiance and supernatural elements seeping through the storyline. The intriguing tale is told from the main character Percy's point of view, engaging the reader with his articulate and conscientious personality.... This is an amazing novel, and I recommend it to those who love a spooky mystery with a supernatural flavor.”
-Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

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Eye of the Moon in audio

Narrated by voice actors Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson

The novel Eye of the Moon is brought to life in a performance reminiscent of early radio theater. All the listener has to do is sit back and be swept away into the extraordinary world that is Rhinebeck.

Visit the author's website for a presentation of the cast and production team behind the audiobook, along with samples of the majority of the characters. Visit YouTube for videos of a conversation between Ivan and the voice actors.

Eye of the Moon by Ivan Obolensky is an intriguing story centered on the mysterious happenings at the Rhinebeck estate. We get to see in great detail the life of the affluent before things are thrown into chaos. … The narration by Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson was well done, and I think the narrators did a wonderful job of bringing this story to light.…”
-Reader’s Favorite, 4 stars

2023 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Honorable Mention: “Audiobook”


Shadow of the Son: Book 2

Return to Rhinebeck with Percy and his friends as Lord Bromley descends upon the estate with a plan to take back what he considers his. What price is Lord Bromley willing to pay for doing so, and how will Percy outmaneuver him so that the estate isn’t lost altogether?

“In Shadow of the Son, Obolensky has crafted a novel with complicated characters struggling with the deep themes of love, forgiveness, time and connection. A sequel to his first novel, Eye of the Moon (a must read!), he yet again creates a taut, dramatic and chilling atmosphere... all taking place over a weekend in a fabulous estate located in Rhinebeck—which harkens back to the addictive mysteries of Agatha Christie. As a murder mystery fanatic, I love Obolensky's narrative style, which challenges the reader to think about life after death, ghosts and the supernatural... and ultimately the pain of love lost and the price of forgiveness.”
-Laura Harrison, Publicity Consultant, Bradley Communications

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Dark of the Earth: Book 3

While Percy's best friend and business partner lies in a coma, Percy has only days to figure out whether it was an accident or attempted murder before he loses everything.

In the third book of the Eye of the Moon series, Dark of the Earth, Percy tries to discover the truth behind a suspicious accident that has left Johnny in a coma and his life hanging by a thread. When it looks impossible to find out what really happened, Percy must take extreme measures. With friends and family at his side, the four primary suspects are invited to Rhinebeck for a long weekend, but they play by other rules. Too late, Percy discovers he may have let killers into his home. What should he do now?

Fans of Ivan’s Eye of the Moon series will love his trademark humor, wit, warmth, and deft play of character and plot that will leave the readers enchanted and reading late into the night.

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Introducing "Dark of the Earth" (Book 3 in the Eye of the Moon series by Ivan Obolensky) (

El ojo de la luna

Una novela de Ivan Obolensky

Traducida por Germán González Correa

A Johnny y Percy, amigos de infancia, se les ocultan los hechos que rodearon la muerte de la tía Alice, sosteniendo en sus manos el Libro egipcio de los muertos. Veinte años más tarde los amigos vuelven a encontrase para una celebración en Rhinebeck, la mansión familiar. Durante los cortos días de su estadía, descubrirán el mundo secreto que la rodeaba. Su vida, e incluso su muerte, están sorprendentemente atadas a ellos, envolviéndolos en una inesperada maraña de misterio, ocultismo, intrigas familiares y magia, elementos que harán que nada parezca lo que es, y que al dejar la propiedad, ninguno de los dos vuelva a ser igual.

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A la sombra del hijo

Secuela de El ojo de la luna
Por Ivan Obolensky
Traducida por Germán González Correa

"La trama se desarrolla en la misma casa palaciega sobre las riberas del río Hudson, espacio en apariencia bucólico pero surcado de misteriosas corrientes que a veces pueden ser benévolas y otras amenazantes.

Es allí donde la novela resuelve algunos de los asuntos que habían quedado pendientes en la primera, dejando abiertas nuevas posibilidades de continuidad. La mansión se representa una vez más como un microcosmos donde cualquier cosa es posible.

Tal vez la consolidación de la historia de amor de Percy y Bruni, alianzas no solo matrimoniales sino de negocios, el verdadero papel que Stanley, el mayordomo, y Dagmar, la cocinera juegan en el destino de los huéspedes, el enfrentamiento de los protagonistas con su propio pasado, la conveniencia de ocultarlo, o, por el contrario, de revelarlo. De ahí las sorpresas que se suceden unas a otras, haciendo que el lector encuentre difícil abandonar el libro..."
María Cristina Restrepo, Novelista y traductora literaria

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