Exciting developments: Launch of Shadow of the Son
June 21, 2021
A Gift of Photos
January 1, 2022

Yearend Message

Photo by Jeremy David

As 2021 comes to a close, and we prepare to welcome 2022, there is much to be grateful for and to aspire to.

It has been a very busy year. In June we launched the sequel to Eye of the Moon, titled Shadow of the Son. The translation into Spanish is underway. We traveled to Medellín to do a book tour of El ojo de la luna and Shadow of the Son. We had four book events in very different venues and were delighted at the response of the fans and the supporters. We look forward to returning.

A busy year is ahead: launching the translation of Shadow of the Son in Spanish; completing the audiobook of Eye of the Moon; launching the third book in the series, tentatively titled “Stories: Johnny and Percy”, and Ivan is mid another novel, not part of the series.

While economic, social, and political situations remain tenuous, we have seen this before. As Ivan illuminates in his many social science articles, life is cyclic. Yet life always finds a way. And if you haven’t already, please read Ivan’s New Year’s Thoughts.

Our wish is that 2022 ushers in all forms of joy and prosperity – both in the quotidian and in the quiet places where connection and love live.

Mary Jo, Ivan, and Joanna (and the Smith Obolensky Media team)

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