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Eye of the Moon

An award-winning novel by Ivan Obolensky: an elegant house party celebration is not what it seems. Two friends reunite and discover far more than they bargained for as secrets are revealed and relationships splinter. It falls on Percy to build something new, or lose everything. Find out more on the author's website.

The Audiobook

Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson narrate Eye of the Moon and bring the world of Rhinebeck to life. Meet the cast and production team through special features on the author's website.

El ojo de la luna

The Latin American Spanish literary translation of Ivan's novel launched October 2020 across the world. Visit the Spanish site for more information.

Shadow of the Son

Percy returns to Rhinebeck with familiar and unexpected allies to confront the infamous Lord Bromley, who has a diabolical plan for the estate. Secrets within secrets are revealed, and Alice follows through on a shattered vow. Discover more.

A la sombra del hijo

The Latin American Spanish literary translation of the sequel launched June 2022 worldwide. Read more at the Spanish author site.

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The Articles

From economics, the setup for success, the development of government, to how social media can breed a sense of isolation, Ivan’s 89 articles cover a broad spectrum.

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Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky

Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky, Founder and President of Dynamic Doingness, Inc. since 1995, established a DBA of her company dedicated to publishing through multimedia platforms in 2014, “Smith-Obolensky Media”.

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Ivan Obolensky

Ivan is the other half of the executive team. Fans of his multidisciplinary articles, which embrace the sciences, history, finance and cultures, will love his award-winning novel, Eye of the Moon and its sequel, Shadow of the Son, and their Latin American Spanish literary translations, El ojo de la luna and A la sombra del hijo.

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