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Eye of the Moon: Book 1

Percy and Johnny are friends who grew up as brothers but became estranged over a business deal gone mysteriously sour. An invitation to an anniversary house party at Rhinebeck, the family’s upstate New York estate, leads to the investigation of the strange death of Johnny’s aunt, the legendary socialite Lady Alice. What follows is an extraordinary journey into Egyptian occultism, supernatural curses, magic, and a labyrinth of secrets and hidden agendas. Discover more.

Eye of the Moon: the audiobook

Voice actors Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson narrate Eye of the Moon and bring the opulent, seductive and magical world of Rhinebeck to life. Meet the cast and production team through special features on the author's website.

Shadow of the Son: Book 2

The crafty Lord Bromley, Lady Alice’s former abusive husband, tries to take ownership of Rhinebeck through a series of cunning deceits. Joined by unexpected allies, Percy must parry Lord Bromley’s attacks and preserve his benefactor’s legacy. If Lord Bromley seeks peace from his ex-wife, what happens when the dead want revenge instead? Discover more.

Dark of the Earth: Book 3

A puzzling accident leaves Johnny in a coma. Percy investigates the case and invites the potential suspects to his home only to discover he—and those he loves—are now at risk. In a race against time, Percy must rescue Johnny even if that means venturing into shamanic and demonic worlds from which neither may return. Discover more.


The Latin American Spanish literary translations of Eye of the Moon and Shadow of the Son are available worldwide. Read more at the Spanish author site.

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The Articles

From economics, the setup for success, the development of government, to how social media can breed a sense of isolation, Ivan’s 89 articles cover a broad spectrum.

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Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky

Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky, Founder and President of Dynamic Doingness, Inc. since 1995, established a DBA of her company dedicated to publishing through multimedia platforms in 2014, Smith-Obolensky Media.

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Ivan Obolensky

Ivan is the other half of the executive team. Fans of his multidisciplinary articles, which embrace the sciences, history, finance and cultures, will love his award-winning novel, Eye of the Moon, its Book 2, Shadow of the Son, their Latin American Spanish literary translations, El ojo de la luna and A la sombra del hijo, and Book 3 of the series, Dark of the Earth.

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