When Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky founded Dynamic Doingness, Inc. in October of 1995, she had a goal of one day establishing a company that specialized in other media such as video and voice-over projects, using her previous experience in the film and TV commercial industries to further fulfill her client’s needs. In 2014, Mary Jo set up Smith-Obolensky Media. Then in 2017, Smith-Obolensky Media expanded into a publishing company to launch Ivan’s award-winning first novel, Eye of the Moon. The Latin American Spanish literary translation of the novel, El ojo de la luna, released internationally on October, 2020. The English sequel, Shadow of the Son, launched June 21st, 2021, with its literary translation published within a year (June 2022), A la sombra del hijo.

Mary Jo is a member of FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) and APA (Audio Publisher Association).
Smith-Obolensky Media is a member of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).

Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky


Before opening her own company, Mary Jo worked in media and various other industries, excelling particularly in sales. She was born and raised in Colombia in a bilingual environment, and she got her university degree in England.

Ivan Obolensky

Vice President

Ivan was offered the best of education, but he did not actually like studying (and describes himself as an awful student). It wasn’t until he explored subjects independently as an adult, by taking college courses and wrestling with subjects he had once hated, that he changed his mind about them.

Ivan’s work experience also added to his education, as he held jobs in finance, executive management, customer service, sales, business consulting and team building. During conversations around the dinner table, Ivan would connect different topics, and Mary Jo recognized his unique talent for combining knowledge from many fields into an unusual way of storytelling.

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Joanna Cook

Executive Assistant

Joanna has worked in the publishing industry as an author, journalist, editor, and proofreader, and loves learning new aspects of this ever-changing field.

She started working at Dynamic Doingness, Inc. as an intern in May 2002 and enjoys the multifaceted landscape of working in a family business.

Mary Jo, Ivan, and Joanna share an enthusiasm for education.