March 23, 2021

Meet the Team: Germán and Constanza of El ojo de la luna

[Reposted from Ivan Obolensky’s blog.] The process of translating Eye of the Moon into Latin American Spanish (El ojo de la luna) involved the work of several people. In this post I am delighted to introduce you to the translator and editor through an interview by Smith-Obolensky Media. (Esta entrevista también está en español.) Germán González Correa, Translator Tell us about your experience when you […]
February 15, 2018

Interview with Tom Hyman

During the time Ivan was writing Eye of the Moon, I was reading the chapters as they came out of the printer. When Ivan had completed three, he would send them to Tom. Tom and I shared the adventure of this novel developing bit by bit, and we had this unspoken agreement of letting the story develop without interference. It was a wild ride, and […]
October 12, 2017

Interview with Entrepreneur Nick Thacker

Nick Thacker was recommended to me for his skillful book and cover design through his company, Turtleshell Press, and in the process of collaborating with him, I came to appreciate how multitalented he is. He is an artist who has worked in many aspects of the publishing industry. You are a professional musician, an illustrator, a writer – how did that come about? I believe […]