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February 15, 2018
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March: A Month of Firsts

We continue to experience a lot of “firsts” and March was busy with two big ones: in early March we attended our first Book Festival at the Tucson Festival of Books, and late March we had our first Book Reading at the Glendale Central Library, Arts and Culture (in California). Both were eye-opening experiences and we all enjoyed various aspects of the events.

The main thing was the opportunity to meet and connect with readers. That will remain at the top of our list. We also sold many books and there is nothing as rewarding as seeing people holding their own copy of Eye of the Moon!

Another notable thing is to see the breadth of the age span of readers that love the novel: from 20s all the way to 80s, the story has such a wide audience appeal! In addition to that is the broad backgrounds of readers, many ethnicities and professions, retired people, etc. Many people have told us that they hadn’t read in a long time and that Eye of the Moon revived their love for reading. A good story transports you to another place where you can experience something unique and special.

We also have our first Book Club in Chicago. This is an ideal book for a Book Club. There is so much that can be discussed and discovered as a group, and it can generate a lot of great conversations. After all, the novel is dialogue-driven, focusing on the art of conversation, something we are sadly losing in this fast-paced, digital world. We can bring it back!

All the materials for a Book Club are available. We are happy to set up Skype calls for Author Q&A as part of the Book Club event, or Ivan will attend in person when possible.

Late April brings us the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the largest festival of its kind in the country. For two days we will be with the SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network) booth, another organization we belong to.

Today marks two months since the book release and we have learned a lot. Thank you for your continued support. We love having your company during this journey!


Mary Jo, Ivan, Joanna


  1. Silvia says:

    It is an honor to share with you, Ivan, Mary Jo and Joanna the successes you have achieved while sharing with others this incredible book.

    My best wishes for more good news.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kathy Braceland says:

    What exciting news! I’m so happy to see so many others are enjoying Eye of the Moon as much as I did. Here’s to your continued success!

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