My review of Eye of the Moon
May 6, 2022

This Makes Four

Photo by Ivan Obolensky

Hello! It has been a long while since I’ve written an update. The last four years have been intense with many good changes and developments.

Ivan and I sold our house in LA and relocated to Uruguay in January 2019. We needed to simplify our life and make writing and publishing a priority. And we needed some tranquility. We love nature and photography, the Uruguayan open spaces, amazing skies, and beaches, and we have especially the love for each other. We decided that it was our time to enjoy our place in the world, and to get a lot done with a whole lot less stress.

After four years living here, during the COVID isolation and global anguish we have all felt, we can say without a doubt that indeed we made the right moves and at the right time. In these years here, we completed the translation of Eye of the Moon, El ojo de la luna with marketing emphasis in Colombia, where it continues to be very well received. Ivan wrote the sequel, Shadow of the Son and now its Spanish literary translation, A la sombra del hijo, is published. So, translation-wise, we are caught up with the author!

Ivan is moving along well on the third book of the series (tentatively called “Stories: Percy and Johnny”) which should be published (and translated into Spanish) in 2023. The series is brimming with life!

We also have an audiobook in post-production of Eye of the Moon—we expect to complete that before the end of the year. This format has an enchanting quality that we hope many listeners will enjoy.

We have so many people that have extended us so much kindness and support throughout our journey. It is a long list, and you know who you are. We hope to repay and pay forward all those favors and kindnesses. Ours is a passion project, and we intend to keep the integrity of the work and continue. A bigger publisher, an agent, a bigger team of people, more help with the many details, will all come in their own time. We are patient, and simply focus each day while enjoying every bit.

Thank you for reading this and keeping us company. The team in our project is large and continues to grow with each reader. The books create delight on many levels, and that fuels the author to continue to create. And we continue to support giving those creations flight.

On behalf of myself, Ivan, and the team, we send our very best and warm wishes to you.

Mary Jo

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